Welcome to my little corner of the web!  Here you’ll find the myriad projects I’ve created, am creating, and musings of things to come. Wander around, see what there is to see!  *SPECIAL NOTE: This is a slowly evolving rebuilding of my elaborately eccentric website of the past.  Continued problems with Yahoo Hosting has made it clear that it was simply time to move on. Thanks for your patience while I rebuild this collection

The JeffWerx Blog is the hub for News, Updates, and general musings.  Links to new products and offerings can be found here

Galleries of work I’ve done for Community , Gaming Products, Commercial projects, and the like

Special projects of a great variety can be found here.

The Mysterious figure behind the curtain, the story thus far and just whta this ‘blind cartoonist’ thing is all about

My gaming line called “FABLED WORLDS GAMES” including: Z-Town, and BEAN! THE D2 Role-Playing Game, Uncle Cucuy’s Luchadorre as well as others’ games I’ve contributed to

My work is available on t-shirts, totes, fabric, books, and other formats

THE RAQUEL SALINAS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP  Please contribute what you can to honor our Raquel and to keep her name and mission alive at The Evergreen State College