JEFFWERX MERCH! on CAFEPRESS The JeffWerx CafePress Shop (formerly Uncle Cucuy’s Wonder Emporium) offers my designs on various shirts, totes, drinkware, calendars, and all kinds of other stuff! Be sure to check out the “In The Event Of A Zombie Attack” and the “BEAN! RPG” designs as well as other Gamer's Gear, and whimsical designs!

*Apologies, CafePress redesigned their webpage to destroy the fun customized, easy to browse custom shops, and now all creator products are thrown into a cluttered heap together and are difficult to find unless you know the exact title of the item you want. Try searching for JeffWerx to see what I offer. Boo CafePress, Boo!

J. Freels books available on AMAZON This is the place to pick up your copy of Making Believe & Other Weirdness, Marl's Tale, The Zombie Coloring & Activity Book, Dia De Los Muertos Coloring Book: Who Will You Remember?, Z-Town, The Wheels Within Wheels Handbook, and even the Olympia's Blind Cartoonist Ashcan Edition comics!
jeffwerx shops PAGE HEADER
jeffwerx shops PAGE HEADER
JeffWerx designs at SPOONFLOWER How about fabric? Yes, you can even get my designs on fabric! One of my favorites here is a collage of my gaming illustrations that’s popular for custom dice bags! Popular Zombie designs are available here to make your own pillows! My Wheelchair Flamejob design is popular with disabled folks and has been turned into a lot of headcaps and totes.

MySTICK TAROT: THE MYSTIC STICK FIGURE TAROT DECK This is one of my favorite creations ever! The cards are of nice quality and made to last. I have a lot of fun with mine! This is a traditional 78 card tarot deck based on the art and symbolism of the standard Ryder-Waite-Coleman Smith deck so the standard tarot instructional books work and you won't need to learn new symbolism and interpretations. Because the design is whimsically cute it's super accessible and memorable.

JeffWerx, Olympia's Blind Cartoonist book cover, link to J' Freels books on amazon.comJeffWerx, Olympia's Blind Cartoonist book cover, link to J' Freels books on
Jeff's Spoonflower fabric designs linkJeff's Spoonflower fabric designs link
Jeff's MyStick Mystic Stick Figure Tarot Card Deck linkJeff's MyStick Mystic Stick Figure Tarot Card Deck link
Fabled Worlds Games Logo, link to DriveThruRPG shopFabled Worlds Games Logo, link to DriveThruRPG shop

FABLED WORLDS GAMES My games: Z-Town; Lucha Libre; and BEAN! The D2 Role-Playing Game, are all available here!