Bringing Old World Values to the Modern Age! Using
unconventional scientific methodology and research
can be the best and most efficient means to reach a
bright new future, but you don’t need to worry about the details, just Trust
Science and your Friends at Ziggurat Chemical to solve all your Zombie
While the proper authorities and other qualified experts are doing their part
to keep the peace in times of zombie related emergencies, the common
citizen may enjoy the comfort of better understanding the phenomena of a
zombie outbreak. Taking a certified Zombie Outbreak Preparedness Class,
or becoming involved in a group like The People For The Ethical Treatment
of Zombies (PETZ) can be personally rewarding as well as making you a
valuable member of your local community!

Ziggurat Chemical provides grants to Neighborhood Zombie Watch and other zombie educational programs as a gesture of goodwill and community service and in no way constitutes admission of any prior knowledge, responsibility, or guilt for zombie and other events.

ZIGGURAT CHEMICAL COMPANY (a division of JeffWerx) provides a variety of useful training aids to prepare you and your family in the event of a zombie attack! FREE ZOMBIE ED PAMPHLET

YEAR OF THE ZOMBIE! The Calendar is chock full o’ tips to educate you and your family with survival tips in the event of a zombie attack -just in case your neighborhood is invaded by a B-movie style apocalypse!  *The artwork is the same, but the calendar dates are updated every year

Z-TOWN!  Solo Role-Playing book. Do you have what it takes to survive the zombie horde in Z-Town? This solo adventure comes with all the rules to create the main character in this horror survival story, and best of all, the adventure is different every time you play! All you need to play is this book, a pencil and scratchpaper, some ordinary 6 sided dice -and luck!

ZOMBIE COLORING & ACTIVITY BOOK is a strangely educational coloring book that might just teach you what you need to survive the next zombie outbreak! Lots to color, with mazes, finger puppets, and other activities and chock full o’ things you need to know! This new revised and expanded edition includes life saving tips from the popular retro Year Of The Zombie Calendar because you just can’t be too well prepared when the living dead are scratchin’ at your door

The JEFFWERX ZOMBIE GEAR SHOP carries a variety of shirts, drinkwear, and other goods with helpful zombie outbreak survival tips.   

IN THE EVENT OF A ZOMBIE ATTACK is the movie inspired by the calendar (how often does that happen?) and it’s full of the brilliant life saving tips that have made the calendar such a staple in every family’s survival kit.  See the video previews below to whet your appetite