Whimsically Wonderful Merch!

Check out the plethora of fun designs available at the JeffWerx Shop at CafePress!


J. Freels

5/20/20241 min read

What was for many years "Uncle Cucuy's Wonder Emporium" has been rebranded as The JeffWerx Shop at CafePress. I mean with the right people in the right circumstances I'll still answer to the name Uncle Cucuy, but it seemed due time to tighten things up a bit. The JeffWerx CafePress Shop offers my designs on various shirts, totes, drinkware, calendars, and all kinds of other stuff! Be sure to check out the “In The Event Of A Zombie Attack” and the “BEAN! RPG” designs, and when you're in a rainbow-ish mood, don a nifty "Spork" t-shirt!

J. Freels, Rainbow Spork!J. Freels, Rainbow Spork!
J. Freels, "Behold D20"J. Freels, "Behold D20"