Welcome to The JeffWerx Blog


J. Freels

5/20/20241 min read

Welcome to the JeffWerx Blog! Jeffwerx is the online menagerie of creative projects, products, news and notions, from Olympia's Blind Cartoonist (Voted Best Blind Cartoonist of 2012 by Weekly Volcano), As an artist, author, game designer, and Reiki Master (see the Otherwise Blog for things specific to Reiki and other medicine work) there's a lot to see here.

JeffWerx offers BOOKS of fantasy, fiction, poetry, and the Wheels Within Wheels Handbook for those who enjoy lighthearted conspiracies. The GALLERY shoes off samples of Digital Collages, Commercial Designs for community groups and events, Drawings from various gaming products and merch, and occassional Stick Figures cos I just can't help myself. The latest haps on all projects dabblied in or released upon the world will be found here, Look for Role-Playing Games including "BEAN! The D2 RPG". Dive into the PuCa creations with the whole Puppet Cauldron gang. Unique and generally whimsical designs from the various Shops will be highlighted here. Be inspired by Mock-Haiku, the coolest little hobby you never knew you needed in your life! Get the inside scoop on how the whole "In The Event Of A Zombie Attack" and the various Zombie Preparedness gear came into being, cos you never know when your neighborhood might be overrun by shuffling old-school style movie zombies! There's a lot to see here. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a good time!