Spirit Kitty

Ghost Stories: Cat Sighting/Spirit Kitty.


6/4/20243 min read

Ghost Stories: Cat Sighting/Spirit Kitty story
Ghost Stories: Cat Sighting/Spirit Kitty story


It was an evening of unlikely events. The first was that we were invited to a party. The next was that we were free on that evening, and the next that we found ourselves at the party. It was a birthday gathering for one of my wife's former students, and we decided to make a quick appearance, wish the hostess many happy returns, and then leave the younger people to enjoy their festivities. When we arrived I quickly took up station in an out of the way corner with a plastic cup in hand; my intention being to blend with the other party goers even though my cup hadn't held alcohol and was quickly drained, I could keep up appearances without becoming overly involved with anything. My wife went off to socialize and I was free to take in my surroundings.

My chair sat in the livingroom corner facing the bedroom of the hostess. People would arrive and lay their coats on her bed, and then move on. I noticed a little head peaking out at me from the bedroom from time to time, and something seemed odd about this little figure. I am legally blind and walk with a cane because I can't see the ground or other details around me. If the light is just right I can make out blurry shadows, but this is about it really. The little figure I saw seemed to be on the bed and acted very cat like. I felt a certain kinship with the little fellow staying out of the way while everyone else enjoyed the party, but couldn't help feeling that there was something a bit off about my compadre.

After a time the hostess came over and we made the customary chit chat. I asked if she had a cat. She became very excited and asked me why I would ask that. I didn't tell her that I'd been playing peek-a-boo with a cat all evening, and she was called off to see to some hostess duties but said she would come right back because she wanted to talk about this. When she returned I told her that I had been seeing a cat all evening and wondered what its name might be. She said that it was weird, but she had always felt like there was a cat there, but that she had never owned a cat. She felt it strongly in the bedroom, and it wasn't ever a bad thing, but it was odd that I would ask. Even odder was the fact that while she was telling me this I could see the silhouette of a cat walking around her legs, apparently being friendly the way cats do when they feel they're being ignored. For the rest of the evening I saw the cat silhouette here and there, never for more than a few seconds at a time, but it continued to wind its way around the legs of people who were standing near the door to the bedroom. It was making a better showing of being involved with the party goers than I, but wasn't getting much attention for its efforts. Still, I noticed it somehow.

Most often when someone sees a ghostly image it's fleeting. Our subconscious picks up on things that our more critical conscious mind will dismiss and so turning to get a better look at the sight usually causes it to disappear altogether. This was the longest I had seen an apparition at that point in my life. This was a strange and fascinating thing to witness...and kinda fun. The cat seemed happy enough. The current Physically embodied residents of the house wasn't bothered by the little spirit who popped in from time to time. There wasn't anything here that needed solving or fixing in any way. Sometimes all we need to do is show up to a party and go home later without overthinking anything.