Ghost Stories: Flying Eggs

Ghost Stories: Flying Eggs & Setting Office Hours.


J. Freels

6/11/20243 min read

OtherWise Blog: Flying Eggs & Office Hours
OtherWise Blog: Flying Eggs & Office Hours


I was taking a break. Leaning back against the kitchen sink, I faced into the kitchen and nibbled a cookie. Suddenly a paper sack of fresh eggs given to us by a friend, shot from the stovetop across the kitchen to slam into the refrigerator, and then it dropped to the floor. Clearly someone was trying to get my attention. I said aloud to the empty house, "You have my attention, but I'm going to finsih my cookie, then I'm going to clean up the mess you just made, and then I will be with you. Do you see how this works?". And that's what I did.

The unseen stranger had been a twenty-something guy who had been wandering around unsure of what had happened to him or what he should do. Apparently he had attached to me while I was out at the grocery store. That kind of thing happens a lot. I went through the usual steps to help him cross over and get back on his path. Everything was fairly straightforward, but I was out a lot of eggs.

Most people die and cross over naturally and easily. Sometimes however a person dies in a confused or fearful state and isn't even properly aware that they have died. They just know things are different and scary for them. They can't interact with the physical things, and might find themselves appearing different places at teh speed of thought, that can shake up anybody's frame of mind. Some people don't cross over because they are afraid of the unknown, or they feel they have some kind of unfinished business.

The longer a being exists in this state between the Physical and NonPhysical/Energetic 'worlds', the mroe likely they are to be...a little off. It's frustrating, and scary. The prolonged isolation can cause a being to forget who they were and be left as essentially a lingering raw emotion that attaches to places or people. These ingering emotions are most often fear, envy, anger, hunger, etc. The baser emotions come from the state of desperation and dispair common with being displaced. Because there is no consciousness or behind these, they are easy enough to clear and set right, but what about those who retain enough personality to be troublesome?

One of the qualities a being can lose with time is basic good manners. They might loom next to people hoping to be noticed, do things to frighten or even outright attack people, brood in a place that was familiar to them in life, or even not knowing how else to get one's attention they might throw a tantrum and toss your eggs across the room! The displayed behaviors are rarely personal, but instead are just acts of desperation as they try to get someone's attention.

So how do empathic people deal with potentially annoying earthbound spirits popping in any time of the day or night? Firstly you set up good grounding to be less open to spirit attachment. The other thing you do is that you set up office hours.

Office Hours is often more of a metaphorical notion and you don't need an actual office space. We are creatures of habit, and the familiarity of routines lends a strength and resolve to our way of moving through the world. For example, I do my medicine work in the morning before I dive into the other demands and distractions of the day. This is when I settle into my calm and meditative state to be fully engaged in the work. The familiarity of this routine is grounding in itself. My mind and body know what is happening as I begin my process and it's very natural to slip into that right frame of mind. When it's time for work, we shift into that mode and become our own workspace so to speak. Our sacred space to conduct medicine work is our office space, that's how the metaphore shapes up here. I will still do medicine work throughrought the day and wherever I am if it's needed, but my customary "office hours" are when I'm best prepared and ready to focus on those duties.

If you're being contacted by an earthbound spirit who needs some help finding their way, most will understand if you let them know that you'll help them during your regular "office hours". This is you setting your boundaries to do the work on your own terms when you'll be at your best, and it's just better for everyone this way.

However, some beings can be very...let's say, "insistant". Someone who's lost and often afraid can come across as impatient, rude, and sometimes scary. Sometimes you just need to deal with a situation when it pops up.

There really is no single way to do any of this. We're all individuals with our own way of doing things, and those we work with have their own quirks and preferences too. You will do what you need to do, but always remember that you are in charge. Strive to work from a place of calm and confidence your work will be more responsible and of better quality for all concerned.