Gamers' Gear!

JeffWerx Tabletop Role-Playing Games designs on merch!


J. Freels

6/11/20241 min read

JeffWerx Gamers' Gear header
JeffWerx Gamers' Gear header

Are you playing classic style role-playing games? You should be. There’s something really great about sitting around a table creating fantasy stories of valor and wackiness with friends. It’s kind of a luxury these days to be able to be in the presence of others, looking in their eyes as you plot with, or against them. Everyone needs a break from the all too mundane day-to-day duties of everyday life, so treat yourself! And while you’re doing it, do it while sportin’ some great classic gaming themed gear!

My online CafePress shop has a Gamers’ Gear section with designs inspired by the classic Dungeons & Dragons, as well as designs for the buckets o’ dice game Tunnels & Trolls. Some of the designs are generic RPG themed. You’ll find clothing including all kinds of t-shirts, hoodies, even pajamas, drinkwear, bags for all those gaming reference books we nerd out over, and other surprises tossed in like arcane treasures in the loot hoard. Check ’em out!