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The essence of Energetic Healing Modalities: The connection of our Physical and NonPhysical natures


J. Freels

6/4/20243 min read

Car & Driver/Physical NonPhysical Natures Blog title graphic
Car & Driver/Physical NonPhysical Natures Blog title graphic


There are two basic components of our being, The Physical and the NonPhysical. Understanding the differences of these two compoenents as well as how they are related allows us to do more efficient medicine work. If you want to paint the kitchen walls, messing around with the bedroom walls isn't going to get the job done.

Car/Driver = Body/Spirit

-Our Being consists of two basic components: The Physical, and the Nonphysical. The Physical realm includes our world, our body, and everything we can experience through our five physical senses of Touch, Sight, Sound, Scent, and Taste.

The nonphysical includes our energetic nature, also referred to as the soul, spirit, and various energies.


Our Body is the Car.

We know the physical component of our being very well. We live in a physical body and move in the physical world. We know what it feels like to experience physical hunger, to move our physical body across the physical space of our physical home to manipulate physical objects to prepare a physical meal. This is what it means to be a physical being in the physical world. To explain these ideas with a metaphore, our physical component is the Car.

Spirit is the Driver

The nonphysical component of our lives is less tangible and more easily overlooked, often to the point of being neglected, or entirely forgotten. Attached to the nonphysical component of our being are names like, the soul, the spirit, and essence. The nonphysical essence is the Driver.

We drive our Cars until we literally drive them into the ground. We do a lot of maintenance and repairs to keep them running, but eventually the old cars wear out naturally or meet with some kind of accident that renders them inoperable. Such is the nature of the physical world.

The Driver provides the motivation and directs the car so that the unit, Car & Driver, can get around and experience life.

The Car and the Driver need each other to function. There's a Connection there that nourishes each. Car could not do anything without Driver. Driver doesn't get around and experience life without Car. Both need that Connection for a full life.


As a bit of an aside, when the Car finally wears out, the Driver is supposed to move on. Whether the Driver moves on to another Car, or something else is a question for spiritual belief systems to have fun with, and not within the scope of this exploration here. When the Driver lingers around as an earthbound spirit/ghost instead of moving on energetic cleasings help them find their way and get back on their path.

It's all about Connection

Just as the Connection of Body and Spirit keeps the Car & Driver unit functioning, learning to Connect with other nonphysical energies enhances overall Health and Healing. Lack of Connection brings isolation and decay. Neglecting Connections weakens the unit and things fall apart. If you don't water the crops, they're not gonna grow.

If we smack our knee, the first thing to do is to treat the Physical nature of the issue. If we're suddenly overwhelmed with emotions that aren't ours it could very well be a chemical imbalance or sleep deprivation or some other kind of Physical issue, but it might also be a NonPhysical condition (earthbound spirit influence, parasitic binding chords, various 'curse energies', etc) which needs to be addresed as a NonPhysical issue using whatever modalities you're familiar with in your practice. The first thing we need to do in treatment is to establish just what it is that we're treating, and asking ourselves "Is this Physical, or NonPhysical" puts us on the right path to them implement the appropriate techniques.