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BEAN! The D2 Role-Playing Game from Fabled Worlds is a unique
rules-lite system that's perfect for all kinds of gaming sessions. It's quick
so you can jump right into a game when you don't have the time to create
anything super in-depth, but it works just as well for on-going campaigns.
It's also a great system to introduce first timers to the wonders of Role
Playing Games! And did we mention you play it with beans?
So just what is a "D2" RPG?
It's a Role-Playing Game that uses D2 (2 sided dice) instead of the
standard polyhedral dice ("many sided" dice such as 20, or even
the standard 6 sided dice) in its game mechanics. I believe my
game is the first entirely D2 RPG.

Isn't playing with D2 basically just flipping a coin?
It is, and you can use anything that has two distinct sides so that
you can tell if you've rolled heads or tails, + or -, 1 or 0, but in this
game we use beans! The number of beans used in various
circumstances creates a sliding scale and that bell curve that
classic RPGs are so fond of.

Why beans?
Beans roll easier than coins, they're cheap and plentiful, there's
something kind of satisfying about tossin' around a handful of
beans when you're fighting imaginary monsters, and it's easy to
create your own customized beans.

Um, ok, but really, why beans?
The Fabled Worlds game system is a quick and easy system to
learn, and is adaptable to any genre. The mechanics of BEAN! are
so quick, so simple, and so consistent that they only require one
kind of dice. We decided upon the D2 because...well, to be
perfectly honest there's just a whole lot less math involved with this
D2 system than with anything else out there. There, are you
happy? Good, now let's play!
T-Shirts and
other cool gear!
The rules-lite Character Sheets are small enough to double as
stand-up tokens when needed. Notice the custom beans with one
side marked to represent "heads" or "+", and the other left blank.
Paul Ingrassia's beans have easy to read +
and - signs and are preserved beneath a
coating of clear nail polish.  These beans
mean business!
"PRINCELY RANSOM"  by Mike Holcomb. This
is a fun little adventure for a GM and 4 Players
A cool mini-solo with a variety of challenges.
BEAN! 2e Character Sheets A PDF
mini-booklet of Second Edition Trifold Player
Character Sheets, and blank NonPlayer
"BEAN Cover" Desktop Design
"BEAN Portal" Desktop Design
"BEANWORLD Cover" Desktop Design
Gone To The Dogs  is the follow-up to Princely
Ransom, but works just as well as a stand
alone game with lots of monsters and puzzles
aimed at younger gamers
These Free Adventures are available from
BEAN! Second Edition
is here with
Streamlined rules,
Skills, Custom
Archetypes, Mounted
Combat, & new
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BEAN Calendar!
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Welcome to Terrafavus, homeworld of the Beanfolk! This
sourcebook includes:

-the creation of Beanworld and the Elder Beans
-Beanfolk physiology
-a discussion of Magic
-the new Shaman and Monk Archetypes
-some new Character races and monsters
-an extravagantly illustrated atlas of the lands
-maps and descriptions of Beanworld's largest city, Khamril-Dahl
-The Beanstiary (on other worlds this would be called a "bestiary")
-and bits of legends and lore tucked in for good measure

This fantastic collection is not intended to be a definitive treatise on
all things Beany, but rather a smorgasbord of ideas and resources
to spark your own creativity as you take your gaming groupthrough
this wondrous world.
The BEAN Calendar is now available! It's got spiffy new images,
and some familiar ones that have been colorized just for this
project. What a great way to keep track of game nights and other
noteworthy events!
BEANS IN SPACE! the Space Adventure
supplement for
BEAN! The D2 role-playing
has launched!  This great playing aid
by 'Mad' Roy Cram, and J. Freels will get your
gaming group out exploring the vast reaches
of space in the Bean Cluster and beyond!
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and pick up your PDF or printed copy today!