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"We are the Music Makers,
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-W. Wonka


Lots of behind the scenes work, so not a lot to present here. I've been working on a special commemorative edition of "Raquel's Tamale Recipe", an illustrated edition of the instructional handout Raquel made for her Tamale Making Workshops she hosted for The Evergreen State College community. This was created as a Thank You for those who have contributed to the RAQUEL SALINAS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP and will be made available for others who would like this special booklet, some are calling it a recipe 'zine =) I'll post more here when it's released in the new year.

MAY 2018

It's been a year since the last update here at Obviously the train has been off the rails. Here's what's been happening. Raquel's health took a drastic turn for the worse after a complication from a combination of prescription drugs. She lost more and more mobility, and as such my duties to get us through the day-to-day took me away from all other projects. The last two years have been horrendous. Raquel passed away April 23. She's not hurting anymore. I do not know what the future may hold at this point.
Visit Raquel's Farewell Page, with link to her Obituary here

June 4, 2018 We're hoping to establsh a scholarship in Raquel's name to continue giving people the chance to ahcieve their dreams and contribute to efforts to make our world a better place. it is my understanding that $26,000 will allow us to create an ongoing scholarship that will be awarded to new recipients year after year. If we cannot raise this much, then whatever we have will be a one time award in her name. I really hope that we can create something that will continnue to support and help students the way Raquel did her whole life. Raguel Salinas Scholarship Project Contributions

APRIL 2017

It's been ages since we've had an update, but after finding ourselves suddenly 'between homes' for several months and dealing with all the challenges there, we've found a new place and are settling in nicely. I've started a few art projects and life is moving on once again in good directions. 'Hoping to have some more art to show off here in the very near future!

JULY 2016

Projects have been, let's say 'sporadic', but I've finally got a few things worth sharing. I've put up a few of my whimsical 'silly-with-a-touch-of-possibly-creepy' designs at my CafePress Store

The International Accessability symbol has been updated to look more dynamic, and I've accordingly revised my own 'Hotrod Wheelchair' design. Raquel was talking about how compared to her normal labored walking it sometimes feels like she's flying with her mobility scooter, which was her inspiration for the 'Winged Wheelchair' design I've created. You 'll find them both HERE

I've been learning how to prepare my work to be printed on fabrics, wallpaper, and giftwrap. These are exciting new possibilities for my designs, and I've made some cool Gamer repeating designs as well as some other cool images you can find at my JeffWerx SpoonFlower Shop


It's been too long since we've seen an update here, but to break that trend I proudly announce the release of our DIA DE LOS MUERTOS COLORING BOOK: WHO WILL YOU REMEMBER? which is available now on Amazon! This is something Raquel and I put together to introduce people to the holiday and to bring a little more color to the world =) It's full of fun drawings celebrating the festival, you'll be sure to recognize some of the characters you've probably met in real life. Get your now to avoid the rush next November!


New gaming designs at CafePress! Feeling nostalgic I whipped up a coupla quick Dungeons & Dragons designs which found their way onto an amazing variety of products. The Beholder has always been one of my favorite wacky and iconic monsters from back in the day, check him out here: D20 BEHOLDER!

and the answer to all gaming table disputes:BECAUSE I'M THE DUNGEON MASTER.

OLYMPIA'S BLIND CARTOONIST ASHCAN EDITIONS Presented for posterity, these ashcan editions (plus "Coping", a cartoon anthem for the visually impaired) were created as a kind of experiment after the artist lost the majority of his vision and had to teach himself how to draw all over again. 'Elmspire Tales' was inspired by members of the artists' longtime gaming group, and 'Tales of Shade & Shadow' is a gothy little piece. See what someone recovering from horrible eye surgeries with homemade scrapmetal eyepieces strapped to his head created back in the day! OLYMPIA'S BLIND CARTOONIST ASHCAN EDITIONS!

This Title will be available FREE Friday February 6 thru Monday February 9!

SONG OF DREN Freebie! I'm sharing an experimental comic I put together to learn more about creating e-reader comics. Take a look and provide some feedback -you'll be making the world a better place by helping to get more art out there =) SONG OF DREN Freebie!


If you have a Kindle, the Kindle App, or if you've ever bought anything on Amazon, I've just put my book 'Marl's Tale' up for FREE for a limited time. Every 'sale' bumps it up on the chart, so it'll get more atttention when I put an actual price tag on it. So I'm asking you to put this in your shopping cart, even if you don't read it (but I kinda hope you do, you might even be inspired to write a nice review) MARL'S TALE, KINDLE EDITION

Check out the BEAN FAN ART page to see the latest custom figurine by Simon Lee Tranter! Si created this awesome little figure for my great friend Sid who hosted the annual UK BEAN/Tunnels & Trolls Gaming Event.

I've just added a photo of the group decked out for the even in their pirate gear! You'll see The TavernMaster Games group and family members, my favorite Piratical Crew about to set off for adventure! I love you guys!

It's the perfect time to get your calendars for the new year! Get your A YEAR OF HALLOWEEN CALENDAR or the classic YEAR OF THE ZOMBIE CALENDAR. Even if you're not feelin' together you can look the part with snazzy calendars!


It's the time of year to start thinking of calendars for the upcoming year, and your year really wouldn't be complete without your A YEAR OF HALLOWEEN CALENDAR or the classic YEAR OF THE ZOMBIE CALENDAR. If you buy these calendars your life will probably become a richer, more rewarding experience, you'll become a beacon to all around you, your work cubical will become a destination for thrill seekers...are you sold yet?



Check out the new artwork on The BEAN Fan Art Page contributed by Isobel and her father, Sid! Nice work!


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, RAQUEL! I've been actively and consistantly In Love with you since we met in 1988. It seems like a long time ago that we were married on this day in 1995, but in the best of ways. It's wonderful to feel like you've always been there with me, and for me. You are an Inspiration and a True Champion. I love you more than I ever thought possible...or reasonable =)



I spent much of July struggling to get The BEAN Coloring Book up to printing standards. The problem with standards is that there are just so many of them, and everyone seems to have different names for these "universal" standards. Perserverance does pay off though, and both the PDF and Printed versions are now available! This collection contains some of my favorite artwork from the various BEAN publications, including some unseen work slipped in for good measure. This is a really fun collection well worth checking out.

JUNE 2014


The BEAN POD is the newest release for BEAN! The D2 Role-Playing Game and it's now available at RPGNow!

What do you do when you love BEAN, but The Podre isn't putting out adventures fast enough for you? Any gamer knows you create your own! With Michael Castelli's spiffy little BEAN P.O.D. (Propagator Of Dungeons) you can play your own solo adventure creating it as you go! In addition to your standard paper, pencil, and beans, you'll need a few six sided dice to guide you through the tables to see where your adventure takes you, who and what you encounter, and what kinda loot there is! Your major objective of course is to get out alive. Because the adventure is randomly generated it's different every time you play for maximum replay value. Cool BEANs, eh?

MAY 2014


As a kind of experiment I've just created a fun(?) little online survey for those who have looked at my Fabled Worlds Games products. The information collected will be a fun way to see what kinds of people I'm reaching -and to what degree. If you'd care to take a look and check a few boxes I'd appreciate it, Thanks! FABLED WORLDS GAMES SURVEY


Greetings everyone, Ďhoping allís well with all of you, and that the dice (and beans) are treating you well.

I wanted to share my thoughts on a comment made on RPGNow. The commenter was very positive about BEAN, and ended by saying how great it would be to have a BEAN reference book similar to the old D&D Deities and Demigods book. I loved those books and still have a strong nostalgic soft spot for them, and while it would be really cool to have something like that for the BEANiverse, hereís why itís not gonna happen.

I set out to create a strong framework that people could use to build their own gaming worlds from. The material Iíve provided is meant to inspire each gaming group to create things no one has ever seen before. Every game groupís Terrafavus is going to be different and will reflect who they are and how they play, see the world(s), and the like. I feel strongly that this is how it should be. Gaming is all about creativity and collective storytelling, not recitations of stuff other people have already done Ėoften to death!

If I officially canonize detailed lists of things it would be like saying thereís a right way to play the game, and all the others are wrong. That doesn't feel right to me. How many gaming groups are there who spend more time arguing over rules interpretations and edition specifics instead of actually playing? I donít want to slam shut the door to creativity Ėnot even for you super weirdos out there who might do really bizarre things with my game =P I wonít take that away from anyone, and our world will be richer for this.

Those who know me recognize much of my own historical, political, and even spiritual views in the BEAN rules and worldbook. The work is very dear to me, and those who play across the table from me shape the world with me, as it should be in a diversion about collective storytelling. I hope that everyone who picks up my game can have this same experience with their crew. This is why I wonít officially canonize anything thatís too specific, but you can bet thereís gonna be a lot more thought provoking offerings to inspire your own creativity.

Thanks to the anonymous commenter. You've inspired a good deal of clarifying thoughts for me, and I hope everyone can see where I'm coming from here.

Cheers, The Podre


Sid Orpin's newest solo adventure for the Beans-In-Space setting, A BOTHER WITH B'WEEVILS is a claustraphobic romp through spaceship ventilation shafts infested with the wretched B'weevils! Can you destroy the nest in time? Can you grab a lotta cool loot on the way? Can you stay alive against the B'weevils, and all the other terrible things lurking in the darkness...probably not, but this adventure has a lot of replay value as there are lots of clever options built in to keep it fresh again and again!.


It's a little late, but my first big project with my damaged hands is now available. THE YEAR OF HALLOWEEN CALENDAR is a collection of my original artwork showing Hallowe'en folk celebrating the rest of the year. It's my special blend of whimsically creepy images in greyscale and red. The holidays are US centric, but still a lot of fun anywhere you live.


Big Red and Little Red is a Tunnels & Trolls solo adventure written by Douglas Mitten who has generously contributed the proceeds of these sales to our Transplant Fund. This was quite literally the very last project I worked on before my transplant. I pressed the "send" button to email the artwork to Douglas, shut down my computer, looked around my office, sighed, and left for the hospital. I'm glad to say that I came back =)


The traditional collection of Zombie Attack survival tips is available all together as the 2014 YEAR OF THE ZOMBIE CALENDAR.

Please remember too that even though we're not hearing much anymore about the horrors of the Phillipine storm, they're still trying to rebuild there and get their lives back together. You can buy a JeffWerx Stock Art Bundle and get some artwork for your projects knowing that the money goes directily to Doctors Without Borders for this cause: Doctors Without Borders Benefit Bundles 1 and 2


JeffWerx has revised its Fabled Worlds Games Stock Art Collections and cut the prices in half -or less! We're also offering all of these collections in the Doctors Without Borders Benefit Bundles 1 and 2 at super reduced prices to help raise money for the heroic efforts of Doctors Without Borders as they provide relief for the victims of the 2013 Philippines Storm Disaster. This is a great chance to send some money to this cause and get some great clip art for your projects too!

starts Monday November 11! Be sure to check out all the kid-friendly role-playing games there, including everyone's favorite (shameless self-promotion), BEAN! The D2 Role-Playing Game! I just can't say enough great things about RPGNow. They've got an amazing variety of great games by the major players in the industry, as well as people like me, your basic one person outfit. There are the very newest releases as well as nostalgic favorites that'll get you reaching for your polyhedrals with a tear in your eye and a crazy smirk on your face...time to get rollin'!


This month has been spent mostly trying to get back into the swing of things. I'm slowly but surely regaining my strength and the recovery is moving along very well. I'm working on the nerve damaged hands which are coming along slowly, but it may still be some time before I can draw again. Fingers crossed.


I received THE CALL for my Kidney/Pancreas Transplant and rushed off to Swedish Hospital in Seattle August 28. The Transplant took place August 31, and for the next several weeks I recovered in the hospital, and then was discharged to a nearby hotel where Raquel and I stayed for 22 days. This was to be close enough for the extensive follow-up testing to be sure the new organs were settling happily into place. It was a very long, very hard month, but as they say, Big Rewards require Big Risks. We're home now and I'm slowly regaining my strength, and trying to work out the weird nerve damage that turned my hands basically into paws -no new drawings yet, very frustrating but I'm hoping to get back to my digital drawing board very soon! Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes and thoughts for us during this process, I know your good vibes made a fantastic difference =)


I've added several new pages in the Gaming Gallery showing various Tunnels & Trolls project art.

JULY 2013

This update comes as an apology to anyone looking for my cool little t-shirt design for disabled people that featured my flamejobbed wheelchair with the title, "Built For Speed". I've been informed that a few years AFTER I created the design, someone trademarked this cliche phrase as a business name, and I had to toss out my design that I've had all these years. Sometimes having money in America means you can kick the little guy to the curb, and I've been kicked. This is why you won't find the design for my disabled friends on the JeffWerx page anymore. Sorry folks =(

MAY 2013

The bad news is that the blind guy now has a broken foot, has traded in his white cane for crutches, and will likely be going stir crazy in the very near future. Not much of an update, just keepin' you in the loop as to why there won't be much new stuff appearing here for a bit =(

APRIL 2013

After a long wait,BEANS IN SPACE! has finally launched! This space adventure supplement for the super easy BEAN! The D2 RPG lets you take your role-playing gaming into space! This fun book by 'Mad' Roy Cram, and J. Freels is available in PDF or printed format from RPGNow!


The Zombie Coloring & Activity Book is now available at! This re-released version includes additional pages from the retro Year Of The Zombie Calendar, and costs less than the original version with no loss of quality!

Z-Town is now available at! Same great Horror Survival Zombie adventure, but I'm now able to make it available for less money! Remember that this title and The Zombie Colring & Activity Book are available also on!


Z-Town, The Fabled Worlds Zombie Solo adventure has just been republished on! I've republished it here because I can make it available for less money than it was originally released at without losing any quality in the printed versions. Everybody wins!

Also, The Zombie Colring & Activity Book has been re-released on Amazon for the same reasons listed above. This new edition has had several pages added from the retro Year Of The Zombie Calendar cos you just can't be too prepared when the undead come scratchin' at your door!

November 2012

I've just released 'Mad' Roy Cram's The Tomb Of Tokirah GM Advure for BEAN! The D2 Role-Playing Game, available on-line at RPGNow. It's a fun little game easily playable in a single night. It's got LOTS of combat and other challenges, and dare I say probably the coolest map I've ever drawn. Be sure to check it out. Did I mention it's FREE?

The BEAN 2013 Calendar is now available! It's got new images, as well as some familiar images that have been colorized just for this project. What a great way to keep track of game nights and other noteworthy events!

Great news for all you BEANsters! We've just released East Of Fabassea by Sid Orpin. This is a great solo adventure that works as a stand-alone game, or as the exciting sequel to Cellars of Castle Cassoulet. This is a great adventure with lots of challenges and great replay value. It's also available in the Sea Of Ash & Dust BUNDLE! which incluses the World Of BEAN! Sourcebook, and The Cellars of Castle Cassoulet!

October 2012

After a long time in production, some recent controversy over the volume's title, and a whole lotta formatting trouble, the sourcebook for my game "BEAN! The D2 RPG" is finally available! WORLD OF BEAN! includes:

-the creation of Terrafavus and the Elder Beans
-Beanfolk physiology
-a discussion of Magic
-the new Shaman and Monk Archetypes
-some new Character races and monsters
-an extravagantly illustrated atlas of the lands
-maps and descriptions of Beanworld's largest city, Khamril-Dahl
-The Beanstiary (on other worlds this would be called a "bestiary")
-and bits of legends and lore tucked in for good measure

It's available at

Thank you to everyone who generously contributed their time and skills to help polish this thing up and make it far better than I could have produced on my own =) I'm getting really great feedback from everyone who has seen it, especially regarding the maps. So far the book really seems to be doing it's job, namely to inspire others to create their own stories and adventures!

August 2012

Good news on the Transplant issue; I'm officially on the list! Now I've got to keep a phone handy at all times, and when the call comes I'll rush off to Seattle for the big operation. It's been a long time coming, and my wife and I have gone through quite a lot to get this far. This is a major step as we get closer and closer to the big day.

July 2012

Things have been quiet here at JeffWerx for awhile now. The struggle to stay off of dialysis was taking quite a toll on me, and after losing the ability to draw, walk, and think straight, I had to admit that it was time to move on. I spent a week in the hospital, and will now be dialyzing side by side with my wife. They expect my strength to come back in a few months, but I'm expecting it won't take that long -I've got a lot of things to do and these monsters aren't gonna draw themselves!

All personal business aside now, I can say that The Beanworld Sourcebook is in the final stages of editing and should be available soon! It's filled with lots of maps and lore about the world of Bean The D2 Role-Playing Game. I'm proud of this one and really looking forward to sharing it with you =)

MARCH 2012

After several long months I have finally taken what is hopefully the last test for the Transplant work-up. If all goes well I'll soon receive word that I'm offically on the call list! Fingers crossed. Thank you all for your encouragement and support on this venture.


I created the cover for The Weekly Volcano's Best Of Olympia 2012 issue and was honored by being voted Olympia's Best Blind Cartoonist!

Jason over at Fiery Dragon Games just made an extrememly generous and inspiring announcement on EN World: The Daily RPG Magazine. Fiery Dragon produces the slick new edition of Tunnels & Trolls, and other great role-playing games. They have decided to help our Transplant Fund in a most heroic way. Click the link to read Jason's explanation, and be sure to check out their website. What a great bunch of people!

Be sure to check out The Beanpage to see photos of Fan art Bean Figures!


Visit TavernMaster Games for high quality adventures for the Tunnels & Trolls Role-Playing Game! TMG is a collective of authors and artists working collaboratively to create great products.


Go to the annual Duck The Malls event at The Olympia Film Society and pick up a copy of the OFS Coloring Book! It's full of great drawings by local artists created to raise money for The OFS. You can see a sneak peak of my drawings for the book HERE


The Year Of The Zombie 2012 Calendar is now available with timeless tips to save you and yours when zombies overtake your neighborhood!

-The calendar is now also available from!

BEAN! The D2 Role-Playing Game 2012 Calendar is now available! Features new artwork, and favorite images from the Rulebooks and adventures, and the first look at the Beanworld Map in full color, plus bits of BEANy lore! Get your regular size calendar at, or the large size calendar!


I'm very fortunate to be working on some drawings for a fundraiser for The Olympia Film Society (more on this as the project progresses). While doing field work for this project my partner and I received an unexpected gift while walking to the theatre. While we were outside and she was describing some of the colors to me, a guy walked up and asked her if she could describe to me the beautiful picture he had created, and held up a length of broken mirror positioned so that it showed my wife and I. I've no idea who the stranger was, and will likely never see him again, but what a wonderful gift! I just had to share our good fortune with you here =)


GenCon (Aug 16-19, Indianaposis, Indiana) is an annual convention and host for all things gaming, with hundreds of world-class exhibitors and over 11,000 events! This year Robin Lea of Peryton Publishing ran a few games of her Aqua Teen Hunger Force Adventures using my BEAN D2 RPG system. Thanks, Robin!

Great News! I'm now on the official candidates list for a Kidney Transplant! Just a few more hoops to jump and then I'll be waiting for "The Call"! Thanks to everyone who's helping to keep me going during these trying times =)

JULY 2011

The Transplant Fund page is available to provide a description of just what the TF is and why its neccessary. Several people have pitched in to help raise money for the transplants including a great auction from Ken St. Andre's Trollhalla community. Thank you everyone!

JUNE 2011

BEAN! The D2 RPG is now available in print from RPGNow! It's $2 cheaper here than on Lulu, and somehow I get a bigger percentage so that's more money going directly to the Transplant Fund!

MAY 2011

Cellars of Castle Cassoulet, the new solo adventure for BEAN! The D2 RPG has just been released! It's a great little adventure written by the amazing Sid Orpin, with lots of twists and turns!

APRIL 2011

Check out the BEANpage for free BEAN! Second Edition Character Sheets! These are the same Character Record sheets you'll find in the rulebook, but packaged up in a mini-booklet for easy access any time you need to print out new sheets for PCs and NPCs.

MARCH 2011

BEAN! The D2 RPG Second Edition is here! With streamlined rules, Skills, and Custom Archetypes so you can play your Characters just how YOU want to in any setting you can imagine. I'm really excited about the new edition, and I think people will have a lot of fun with this!


(from"A powerful earthquake struck New Zealand's already-bruised city of Christchurch on Tuesday, collapsing buildings, burying vehicles under debris and sending rescuers scrambling to help trapped people amid reports of multiple deaths. and several publishers have teamed up to raise funds to aid those affected by this earthquake." I've donated my Lucha Libre game to this bundle to help raise money for this cause, as have many other game designers. For a $25 donation you'll recieve over $300 worth of games. It's a great deal and all of the money raised goes to a very important cause, but the offer is for a limited time!

BEAN! has made its first Con appearance at Con of the North. Our very own Mike Holcomb (creator of the fun BEAN! adventures 'Princely Ransom' and 'Gone To The Dogs') ran two games of BEAN! on Saturday night, and then gave his copy of the rules to the youngest player. Great way to bring 'em to the fold, Mike! Kudos! (By Paul Ingrassia)

There's a Free Errata for BEAN! With just a few simple additions you can now customize your characters to play in any genre with the same quick and easy rules that have made BEAN so popular. And just so you know, the Revised Edition with these rules plus a few other surprises will be out very soon! You heard it here first!


I've just added a page of my computer games for free download! Check them out on the Computer Games Gaming page.

BEAN! The D2 Role-Playing Game is now on Facebook! If you're on Facebook too, be sure to stop by, take a look, and "like" us!

Gone To The Dogs is the new FREE adventure for BEAN! The D2 RPG, get yours now!

I'm starting the year out with a cool new FREEBIE for BEAN! The D2 RPG. My friend Ken St. Andre (esteemed game designer and creator of one of the greatest RPGs, Tunnels & Trolls) has generously written a mini-solo for my game! It's called Death Phrogg Attack and it's available for FREE HERE!


Troll Hammer Press has published a series of interviews focused on the Fabled Worlds Games, and we've launched the Fabled Worlds Group at Yahoo as a place to share ideas and discuss the different FW games!

In an effort to streamline my various projects and make it easier for everyone (myself included) to keep track of things, I'm in the process of rebuilding my old site here as while is gradually phased out. I'll try to keep this transition as smooth as possible for everyone, and I really think the end results will be worth it!

"Death Phrogg Attack" the new Mini-Solo Adventure by Ken St. Andre is now up on the BEANpage

The BEANpage is offically open! Find freebies here for BEAN! The D2 RPG and see Beans from other artists!


YEAR OF THE ZOMBIE 2011 CALENDARS! The calendar that's been helping to save people from rampant zombie outbreaks for years is now available for the 2011 year. Available in both the STANDARD VERSION and the HORROR DATES EDITION!

The deed has been done, finally, BEAN! The D2 RPG has been unleashed upon the world...and I'm thrilled! Read about it on the JeffWerx/Gaming Page, and then pick up your PDF copy at or the printed version at


Record monsoon rains in Pakistan caused flooding that left almost 2,000 people dead and 20 million homeless. has put together a fundraising event for gamers to earn money for the Doctors Without Borders effort. Giving $25 will reward you with more than $700 in donated products, and donating $10 earns you over $100 in gaming/comics donated titles. I've added "Grumlahk's Troll Tales" into the pot of donated titles. This is a good cause, and a great way to pick up a lot of great stuff just for lending a helping hand.

JULY 2010

I've added a Free PDF of printable betting tokens for Ken St. Andre's new card game, OgreOcre in the Tunnels & Trolls section of my Gaming Page.

JUNE 2010

Stock Art Collection #7: Fantasy Heroes is now available at!

MAY 2010

My latest publication,Marl's Tale is now available at
Psst! It's still cheaper to get it from, but now you have options

APRIL 2010

My book is now avialable! Marl's Tale; or The Fantastic Narratives of Morgallan The Storyteller is available HERE I'm really excited to finally be able to offer this collection of fantasy pieces written just after I lost my eyesight. It's about time they were released upon the world!

MARCH 2010

I've put up some Personas to customize the Firefox Internet Browser. Choose from a Parchment Scroll, Tunnels & Trolls Scroll, or Zombie Horde background designs HERE

My latest Stock Art Collection is available at This collection contains 13 images of Fantasy Genre Monsters.


The latest news on The Zombie Coloring & Activity Book is that it was recently featured as an auction item at The Evergreen State College to benefit our local food bank. Zombies aren't usually associated with healthy eating, but I'm glad my little book could help just a bit =)

I received an email from a librarian in Rawlins, WY asking if I might be able to donate copies of my Zombie Coloring & Activity Book as prizes for her Zombie Reading Program. As I was trying to figure out how I might buy the books, my friends at Trollhalla jumped in and donated enough money to buy the requested books, plus several extra! Huzzah for the heroes of Trollhalla, and for this amazing and innovative reading program!

GAMERS HELPING HAITI! has put together a special bundle of Gaming PDFs worth about $1500, that you can have for a $20 donation, and All the money earned goes to the Haiti Relief effort. I'm happy to say that GRUMLAHK'S TROLL TALES is one of the products in the bundle! This bundle will be available thru the end of January.
UPDATE We earned $178,900.00 for Doctors Without Borders! A job well done, Huzzah!


I've added some Stock Art Collections to my Fabled Worlds page at Purchasing the collection entitles you to use the art for whatever personal or professional projects you want!


December has been a busy month for me! Here are a few of the highlights:Uncle Cucuy's Lucha Libre! game has been released. I'm thrilled to say that Ken St. Andre was kind enough to write up a great review of the game HERE!
An anthology of the Grumlahk's Troll Tales comics that originally appeared in The Hobbit Hole magazine has been released. It's larger than standard comics (A4 format) to better show off the artwork. This comic is availble on the Gaming Page on this site, as well as the new TROLLBRIDGE SITE . The Trollbridge is a site where you can find independently created Tunnels & Trolls products!


The YEAR OF THE ZOMBIE CALENDAR is now available!

JULY 2009

The Book of Exodihardcover edition is now available!

JUNE 2009

Check out this Z-TOWN Review! paragraph text.

Trollhaven Boardgame now Available! The cover and ad work, as well as all the counters (Characters, Monsters, etc) are all my artwork, and I really like the way this project has turned out!

Eposic has released its first Sci-Fi Anthology, "The Book of Exodi". This is an exciting event for me both because the editor, Mike Eidson is a friend, and also because I did most of the illustrations for the book. You can find the book on, and can read more about it on the EPOSIC WEBSITE

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