FABLED WORLDS GAMES is my line of games, particularly role-playing games. “BEAN! The D2 RPG” is a great introduction to RPGs and is a wonderful introduction to the genre for young people, and I also hear that it’s been used for quick pick-up games at retirement homes -I think that covers it as ‘all ages’ appropriate!

MySTICK TAROT: The Mystic Stick Figure Tarot Deck!  This is a traditional 78 card tarot deck created from colorful stick figure imagery!  It’s whimsically functional with traditional symbolism and imagery.  

My books on Amazon include:

MARL’S TALE, the title novella and a few other fantasy stories;

MAKING BELIEVE & OTHER WEIRDNESS is a collection of short stories, poetry, and notions;

Z-TOWN, two zombie attack survival solo RPG adventures in the same book using my Fabled Worlds RPG system;

THE ZOMBIE COLORING & ACTIVITY BOOK chock full o’ tips to help you and your family survive in the event of a B movie style zombie invasion!

GRUMLAHK’S TROLL TALES the collected Grumlahk comics originaly published in a Tunnels & Trolls fanzine back in the day;

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS: WHO WILL YOU REMEMBER COLORING BOOK a fun book put together by Raquel Salinas and I;

WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS HANDBOOK in print or a free download, this is a collection of thought prompts and an inspiring little booklet for anyone interested in joining a fun little movement/cult =)   

*note: “Shades of a Pastel Doom” is listed on Amazon but is not available.  This work was stolen from me and the thief attempted to publish it and sell it under my name.  Amazon cannot figure out how to remove the title…so, just pretend it’s not there, ok?

The JeffWerx CafePress Shop (formerly Uncle Cucuy’s Wonder Emporium) offers my designs on various shirts, totes, drinkware, calendars, and all kinds of other stuff! Be sure to check out the “In The Event Of A Zombie Attack” and the “BEAN! RPG” designs

How about fabric? Yes, you can even get my designs on fabric!  One of my favorites here is a collage of my gaming illustrations that’s popular for custom dice bags!

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS COLORING BOOK: WHO WILL YOU REMEMBER?    This is the coloring book that Raquel and I made.  It’s full of images celebrating the holiday in fun ways to remember our loved ones who have passed.