Reiki is an energetic healing modality for relaxation that promotes clarity and healing.  It’s the kind of full body, mind, and spirit massage that a Jedi Knight might give you using the Force, if that kind of imagery works for you.

Reiki sessions are effective whether you’re laying on the Reiki table with the practicioner working over you, or relaxing in your own home with the practicioner using long distance sending techniques.  It is very versatile.

A series of odd events including an electrocution and an accidental encounter with the Chehalis crop circle of 1996  led me to begin exploring various energy management techniques which mostly took the form of healing modalities.  I began with Healing Touch which is popular in many hospitals, and then went on to explore some more traditional shamanic techniques.  I studied Usui Reiki and now primarily work with Usui Holy Fire Reiki as taught through the International Center for Reiki Teaching.  I’m a practicing Reiki Master in the Usui Holy Fire tradition.

How does one create their perfect Reiki practice logo?  Start with some kind of vibrant ‘healing energy’ kind of backdrop, and then think of all the words that describe the feel of what it is that you do.  Words like, Radiance; Light; Healing; Healing; Journey; Pathways; might come to mind.  It might take some time to come up with one that’s just right.