Welcome to my Projects Page! Links to my varied projects can be found here.  Look around and see what’s what! 

MyStick Tarot: The Mystic Stick Figure Tarot Deck!  This is perhaps the cutest whimsically functional tarot deck ever.  The full 78 card deck is based on the standard RWS (Ryder Wait Smith) deck so if you’re just learning the craft of tarot reading the majority of instructional books and online information will be helpful for you.   All the drawings are done in my unique stick figure style.  They’re cute and bright and quite accessable! You need one of these! See a preview of the cards HERE.

ZOMBIES!  Check out the RPG Solo Book, The Survival Tips Calendar, and the educational Zombie Coloring Book (it’ll save your life if B-movie style zombies invade your neighborhood!), and other campy fun zombie stuff!

While most of my projects are whimsical or fantastical nature, Reiki is a serious and very special part of my life and what I do

THE RAQUEL SALINAS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP has been a labor of love to ensure that Raquel’s name is remembered at The Evergreen State College.  we’ve raised enough money to permanently endow the scholarship so that it will last forever, granting a scholarship every year to help students pursue their education.