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Gamers’ Gear!

Are you playing classic style role-playing games? You should be. There’s something really great about sitting around a table creating fantasy stories of valor and wackiness with friends. It’s kind of a luxury these days to be able to be in the presense of others, looking in their eyes as you plot with, or against …

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Traditional haiku is a highly disciplined form of Japanese poetry. Each poem consists of three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. Haiku display a natural theme with one ‘seasonal’ word and no metaphores or similes. Mock Haiku look like Traditional Haiku in that they follow the three lines and syllabic patterns. Everything else …

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MyStick Tarot: The Mystic Stick Figure Tarot Card Deck is here! This is a full 78 card deck based on the classic RWS deck so it will be familiar yet bright and engaging in new ways. It’s whimsical and practical! My distinctive stick figures invite the viewer to explore the iconic imagery in new ways …

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Beach Wanderings

Beaches. She told me how beautiful her pristine white beaches are there in the Bermuda Triangle. That was fine until she said that her beaches were better than the grey beaches here in my beloved Mistlands. I responded playfully defensive that her beaches looked fake, like the generic backdrop of a dime-store photo-booth, as if …

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The JeffWerx website existed for many years and served as a repository for my artwork and various projects. Many technological issues (rest in peace Yahoo! and best o’ luck on the troubled path you tread) made it necessary to move the site to another safer more consistent and economical host. One of the most obvious …