INGREDIENTS: Plague spawned Isolation, Creativity, Assorted Housewares, Various Odds & Ends, Lots of Socks!
-Stir contents into roomy cauldron

As it became clear that the virus was not a run of the mill flu and that more strenuous precautions were needed for private and public safety people began to find ways to occupy their time in isolation. Anyone who’s ever known me wouldn’t be surprised that the blind guy would wind up alone in a dark house with a whole lotta puppets; it was only a matter of time really.

The stories came. The characters emerged from wherever it is they wait around to mysteriously emerge from. The puppet camera (most people would call it a cellphone) went to work. Battles were fought to subdue technology, primarily that wild card known as Green Screen. Somehow all the pieces came together, such as they are. WATCH THE VIDEOS!