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These are my drawings for the Olympia Film Society's Coloring Book Project.  A group of local artists created images for the
coloring book as a fund raiser for the theater, and the book was sold at the annual Duck The Malls event, December 10, 2011.

Coloring Book Project
This one is called, "Gathering Crowd". .
Here's the same design, but in color
for promotional use, and to serve as
the cover of the book.
"Raquel's Troll"
How many trolls can you find?
My favorite thing about this image is
wondering what people will draw/paint
on the blank screen behind the band
=)   Yes, the band's name is "ing", cos
Ing makes things happen.
"Full House" pays homage to the
ghosts of the Grandfather and
Grandson who still take in the
occasional show. There's also a
sasquatch in the crowd...cos we're in
the Pacific NorthWest. You might
recognize some of the people in the
crowd from Olympia =)