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Hembry Guitars
Scott is a remarkable artist with a multitude of talents, as well as a musician who
is now crafting custom made guitars that you'll have to see to believe...and even
then you might not believe what you're
TUNNELS & TROLLS ONLINE! This is the place to find great links to Tunnels &
Trolls gaming articles, rulebooks, adventures, etc!
TAVERNMASTER GAMES is a collective of artists and authors who produce
quality adventures for the Tunnels & Trolls role-playing game.  
Eposic is a site dedicated to
creativity, primarily in the fantasy realm,
with a heavy focus on online role playing
game tools. The site includes a section
devoted to Tunnels and Trolls, featuring
the UGH Monster online diversion based
on the Tunnels and Trolls rules.
This great site has
reviews, articles, The
Creature Feature, and
other great stuff for
I've known Mark for many, many years.
He's a man of many talents, but especially in
that he is a true musician. When he picks up his
guitar you know immediately, and deeply, what
he's feeling and what story he's telling. He's got
a true gift