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The Wheels Within Wheels Handbook is a collection of
Thoughtful little bits intended to inspire other, greater Thoughts.
This modest little booklet has seen several pocket-sized
printings over the years, and I wanted to make it more readily
available for anyone who’s interested. Because you never know
when you might need a little thought prompt you can
download your own WWW Handbook by following the link below.

The Revelation of Wheels Within Wheels:
How This Came to Be

Legend has it that one crisp autumn morning while perusing a
segunda (the local secondhand shop), Milagro Espiranza was
making her way down the kitchen wares aisle when she chanced
to see something unusual. Among the stacks of dishes and plates
in mostly good condition was one plate that seemed to stand out. It
was a plain white ceramic dinner plate, well worn and scratched,
but as she walked past it the light seemed to play off the scarred
surface and Milagro thought she saw a word there. She stopped
and moved in for a closer look, moving her eyes back and forth to
see if she could catch the same little message again. Her efforts
were rewarded as she found that there was actually an entire
phrase scratched into the plate, but it was so light that it was
almost impossible to make out. She Pulled out her notebook and
laid a clean page over the plate and began to scribble over its
surface with the edge of her pencil lead. As she did so these
words began to appear: “You Are Your Own Best Saviour”.

Milagro was pleased with her odd finding, and then wondered why
someone had taken the time and trouble to carve this little
message into the plate. She eyed the haphazard stacks around
her and wondered if there were any more hidden messages
waiting for her there just out of sight.

For the next hour she went through the stacks of plates, carefully
feeling for scratched surfaces and watching for tell-tale signs in
light and shadow. She soon had a stack of plates that all seemed
to bear the same kind of inscription. She asked for a box and
loaded it full of her findings.

She lugged her heavy box to the counter hoping hse had enough
in her pocket to take them home with her. Fortune smiled again
upon her when the clerk noticed how scuffed the dishes were and
gave her an additional discount on top of the green tag sale that
included all dishes that day, and it seemed that Milagro was
certainly destined to have this odd collection. She asked if the
clerk could tell her anything about the collection of scarred
plates, which prompted a raised eyebrow and a look of curious
wonder from the woman behind the counter. She said that stuff in
the store came from a variety of places, and that her “treasures”
(emphasized with a sarcasm) could have come from any number
of estate or garage sales, and that she had no way of knowing
where these particular plates may have come from.

Milagro thanked the clerk and strained and struggled with her box,
but finally arrived home safely. She spent the rest of the day and
all that night making rubbings of the messages scratched into her
plates. When she had done them all she tried to sort them out and
make some kind of sense of the messages.

Each plate bore a message with a single thought or brief
explanation. She found that she could order and re-order them in
countless ways and that because each was its own separate
thought they didn’t seem to need any particular arrangement. She
also found that the little thoughts had inspired her to her own
thoughts about things that had been cluttering up the back of her
mind and that things –The Whole Big Thing, was seeming much
clearer now.

Over the next week Milagro arranged the thoughts into a kind of
little booklet. She showed a few friends who all agreed that it was a
lucky find at the end of an odd story. They speculated about who
might have taken the time to create this collection, generally
settling on the idea that it had to have been some kind of crazy
hermit because that’s the kind of thing that crazy hermits do, but
that it was kind of a cool little collection of semi-random thoughts.
Most of those who saw the book asked if they might get their own
copy of it. This was a time before computers and desktop
publishing, and people generally made their own copies of the
book that had come to be called The Wheels Within Wheels

Often times several people would get together and write down the
messages as one person read each page out loud. Each person’s
booklet took on their own style and each was its own kooky little
work of art. What you see here is a sampled collection of several
of these booklets, assembled here, in no particular order, to
spread the word and inspire a good Think. We hope it does.

The Ripple Effect

Over the years a kind of conspiratorial feel came to be associated
with those who had readthe book.

The S.E.T. (The Society of Enlightened Thinkers) is a
quasi-religious offshoot of the WWW Handbook. They don’t
particularly care what people are Thinking as long as they are
actually Thinking.

The cheery, but oddly named,
Unholy Army of the Night get
together for tea on a semi-regular basis and try to do good things
for the local community.

One Red Sock is a loose knit (puns do creep in, don’t they?)
kind of Special Forces unit. The name is inspired by the fact that
few realize the amazing intrinsic power for change possessed by
something as innocent as a single red sock until one finds that the
entire load of laundry has been affected by the overlooked sock.
Not another collection of
pseudo religous nutjob
ramblings telling you how to live
your life, it's a collection of
Thought Prompts to inspire
great Thoughts about Life, The
Universe, and Everything Else!
And it's NOT trying to sell you
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