The Olympa Paranormal Society
Investigation Log
TOPS was started as a kind of parody of television shows purporting to document serious paranormal
investigations, but while the investigators seemed to be doing legitimate work, the wacky editing put the shows
clearly into the realm of "entertainment" rather than "documentary". Sound FX are fun, but distracting if you want
to really hear what the investigators were hearing, and you can only see so many commercials for dramatic
encounters that in the actual show are revealed to be a spider sittin' in a corner before you
wonder just what you can take seriously. It's unfortunate that the editing invalidates whatever legitimate work the
investigative crews are knockin' themselves out with, but what can you do? You could start your own group. TOPS
was to be a group that would get together to produce quick, fun videos mostly of a "what not to do" variety. We've
always had an interest in the paranormal, and are well versed enough to have fun spinning off into the realm of
spoofyness and inside jokes...but then we were contacted with a legitimate case.

Residents of a local apartment were experiencing overwhelming and sudden feelings of dread, which by itself
could be a lot of different things, but then there was the apparition of the little girl in the closet who also liked to
curl up in bed with that tenant. Spooky. TOPS did its first investigation in that apartment. We did the usual things:
Used a video camera to document our initial "look-see" while using an EMF meter to check for anomalies, and
didn't find anything unusual. We then performed an EVP session in the room with the
suspicious closet guest. While we were chatting, a toy in the room would blink whenever we mentioned the little
girl. We examined the toy, but could find no way to make it blink unless it
was sqeezed on. It didn't respond to bumping the table it was on, or to loud noises near it, or to movement. It
would only activate when squeezed. We wondered if possibly the little girl was trying to tell us she was there. Soon
after our initial investigation here, the feelings of dread increased, and one of the other apartment residents
began to awake to the feelings of hands around her throat, choking her. She mentioned that while working late
one night she had seen a man in a corner that for some reason really creeped her out, but when she turned a
moment later there was no one
there. We didn't know if this was related to the experiences at her apartment, but made a note of it. On our next
visit, we asked a shaman to come with us. After she performed her work, she told
us that the little girl remembered this location as the happiest, safest time in her life and had nowhere else to go.
She was helped along to the next step in her journey, but their was another problem.
The mysterious guy had apparently followed the other tenant home, and he was neither happy nor friendly. He
was responsible for the late night strangulations. It was difficult to convince this unwanted guest to leave, and
some extra help had to be called in, but finally he was moved along. The apartment felt safe, and was
strangle-free from that point on. Score one for TOPS!

The Furious Filer
Unforgiving scheduling conflicts prevent TOPS from performing many investigations, but we do have one "pet
project". By having occasional after-hours access to a very active local
office building we are able to gather enough data to keep ourselves busy. The first time I was at the building, I was
having a conversation in the archives room with the only other person there. Eventually I heard someone walk up
the hall towards our room, and
then turn into the nearby break room. I didn't think much of it at the time, but after a bit I remarked to my partner
that I thought it a bit odd for someone not to call out or pop in just to see who the only other people in a dark office
were. The Response I got was, "Oh, it's
probably just the ghost."

Shuffling In The Dark
After looking into this more it seems that in this office people often hear the sounds of rhythmicly walking (not the
odd little noises that come with buildings settling down) up and down the halls, as well as the sound of footsteps
walking up the stairs, stopping at the top, and then repeating from the bottom over and over. A full bodied
apparition of a woman has been seen standing int he middle of the archives room (apparently the most active
room), and another time an apparition was glimpsed darting past a door accompnied by the sound of laughter.
Perhaps the strangest recurring sound is that of boxes being tossed around and of papers shuffling. This sound
has been heard repeatedly from rooms with no boxes or any kind of papers. The idea of an airconditioner kicking
on and disturbing things can thus be ruled out -there are no papers to disturb! The entire office staff has heard
this "angry paperwork performance" while in meetings together, and no explanation has been found. The
sound is loud enough and regular enough that the doors to empty rooms are shut during work hours because the
staff finds it distracting, and on one occasion dangerous. One night, the only employee heard the sounds of
heavy footsteps running up the stairs, and the furious shuffling began in an empty office upstairs. She went to
investigate, and as she reached out toward the doorknob she felt a sudden and violent chill race up her arm that
seemed to freeze her to the very core. She took the hint and left for the night and didn't start to "thaw out" until the
next day. She hadn't even touched the doorknob when this effected her. If such phenomena require the draining
of energy, either local electrical or the heat of the surrounding room, than this shuffler must have used quite a bit
of energy to run up the stairs and begin trashing the non-existant paperwork in the office.

Our Friend The Sphere
As I began to work with an EMF meter (most often a K-2) I began to find very localized areas of interest. With the
exception of a single incident, these always take the form of a sphere roughly two and a half to three feet in
diameter. The area is often free standing and
suspended in the room about three feet off the floor, and not near to any walls. This would seem to rule out high
EMF fields radiating from faulty wiring or an electrical device. The
spheres appear long enough for me to use the meter to discern their size and location, but when I go back a few
minutes later they are usually gone, or have moved across the room. On one occasion when I discovered one in
the middle of a hallway I was able to track its motion as it seemed to politely move to the side and past me, the way
any courteous fellow office worker would move to allow you to pass while they go on their own way. In recent
months this sphere usually appears around nine o'clock near the archives room. It
will be either just outside the door, in the doorway, or just inside. This happens with such regularity that if it doesn't
appear we're led to wonder if something is wrong. This doesn't seem to fall into the catagory of an Orb, or a
Vortex, and I'm not sure what to
make of this.

We've performed many, many EVP sessions here, and as yet have only produced two suspicious recordings. Both
of these have been gathered while experimenting with an unorthodox method, but the results seem to show it
worthy of continued investigation and

The Quadruped Says...
On one occasion an employee returned to the office afterhours with his dog. He was going to drop off something
in the archives room, but his dog immediately dropped to the floor and refused to do anything more than crawl
towards the room until it broke free and fled.

EVENTS OF SEPT. 17, 2009
Active investigations at the Lacey location have been put on hold, and the only time the EMF meter or recorders
come out is when the usual sounds become extra loud. The night of the 17th was an especially active one and
seemed to invite investigation. After being in the office for about five minutes I saw the apparition move past the
doorway in front of me. It was moving in the hall, where most of the footsteps are heard, towards the back door of
the office. The
sight was very quick, and glanced from the corner of my eye, but seemed to be a person with a very long frame as
if from a coat or dress. Colors seemed grey and white, but of course with my eye function most things appear this
way. I note this only for accuracy in the account. Later in the evening I heard the sound of footsteps in the hall that
seemed to be following the same course. At approximately 9:40 when going upstairs I brought out the EMF meter
and found a disturbance near the top of the stairs. This is a common place for this, and usually when detected it is
stable enough that I have time to determine the area of the disturbance with the K-2, which is always about two
and a half to three feet in diameter and freestanding which rules out EMF leakage from wiring in the floor, ceiling,
or walls. I'm often able to track the sphere as it moves, which rules out normal sources of EMF. Tonight it was
different, seemingly unformed and the meter flickered wildly. I began to address it in a casual greeting when my
left elbow entered the space. I felt a sudden and powerful "tingling" and suddenly felt
very dizzy and disoriented. Nothing showed on the EMF meter after that. A few minutes later we were wrapping up
to leave, and I called out "Good night" which is my custom, and from above me, at the top of the stairs came a
sound as if heavy furniture were being drug across the floor. A few minutes later we had to go back into the
building to retrieve something, and upon re-entering the building there was a great deal of the same kind of noise
from above. We felt
as if we were interrupting something. The sensation in my arm and the dizziness lasted well into the night, and as I
write this account the following morning my left elbow is still a bit tingly. Another interesting note is that the smell of
burning wood has been noticed on several occasions at the location, but the smell is unaccounted for. Could this
be some clue as to the sounds of frantic "ransacking", possibly related to a fire at this location?

It was an evening of unlikely events. The first was that my wife and I were invited to a party. The next was that we
were free on that evening, and the next that we found ourselves at the party.  It was a
birthday gathering for one of my wife's former students, and we decided to make a quick appearance, wish the
hostess many happy returns, and then leave the younger people to enjoy their festivities.    When we arrived I
quickly took up station in an out of the way
corner with a plastic cup in hand; my intention being to blend with the other party-goers even though my cup
hadn't held alcohol and was quickly drained, I could keep up appearances without becoming
overly involved with anything. My wife went off to socialize and I was free to take in my surroundings.
My chair sat in the livingroom corner facing the bedroom of the hostess. People would arrive and lay their coats
on her bed, and then move on. I noticed a little head peaking out at me from the bedroom from time to time, and
something seemed odd about
this little figure.  I am legally blind and walk with a can because I can't see the ground or other details around me. If
the light is just right I can make out blurry shadows, but this is about it really. The little figure I saw seemed to be
on the bed and acted very cat like. I felt a certain kinship with the little fellow staying out of the way while everyone
else enjoyed the party, but couldn't help feeling that there was somethIng a bit off about my compadre.  
After a time the hostess came over and we made the customary chit chat. I asked if she had a cat. She became
very excited and asked me why I would ask that.  I didn't tell her that I'd been playing peek-a-boo with a cat all
evening, and she was called off to see to some hostess duties but said she would come right back because she
wanted to talk about this.  When she returned I told her that I had been seeing a cat all evening and wondered
what its name might be. She said that it was weird, but she had always felt like there was a cat there, but that she
had never owned a cat.  She felt it strongly in the bedroom, and it wasn't ever a bad thing, but it was odd that I
would ask. Even odder was the fact that while she was telling me this I could see the silouette of a cat walking
around her legs, apparently being friendly the way cats do when they feel they're being ignored.  For the rest of
the evening I saw the cat silouette here and there, never for more than a few seconds at a time, but it continued to
wind its way around the legs of people who were standing near the door to the bedroom.  It was making a better
showing of being involved with the party goers than I, but wasn't getting much attention for its efforts.  Still, I
noticed it somehow.

TOPS welcomes any feedback, especially ideas or insights into this or similar investigations.
While our schedules don't permit much in the way of active investigations, if anyone has a
situation that they would like to discuss, do drop us a line.

May you find what you're looking for.
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