"The Olympia Paranormal Society,
Investigating the Strange, Weird, & Wonderful
that is the
Pacific Northwest."
While the original interest of The TOPS Team was to produce
a series of fun, quick videos, we have been called in for a few
legitimate investigations. Here's our
TOPS Investigation Log
The TOPS project was founded by a small group of individuals concerned that their
laidback town might be a bit lacking in weirdness. The Olympia Paranormal Society
collects stories of the strange and unexplained from Olympia and the surrounding
state of Washington. If you have further information regarding these topics, or
other stories we encourage you to contribute your tales to the TOPS project. We’re
looking for stories or rumors you may have heard, your own or others’ personal
experiences, and whatever other tales are worth the telling. Even an odd little
snippet of a story might just be the missing piece to a larger puzzle so send us
whatever you’ve got! Try to include as many details as you can such as the place
and date, the names of people involved, news of any investigations into the event,
and how you came by the story. The goal of TOPS is to make these stories
accessible to anyone who is interested, and as our collection of tales grows we’ll
post selections on the site here, and perhaps find new and exciting ways to make
these tales available.

Dedicated to and inspired by two longtime Olympians: Vi, the little girl who once ran
away to join a circus and later grew up to be the greatest ol’ lady on the block, and
Bud who suspected that Bigfoot might one day be found in his backyard. Your love
of Olympia, fascination with the strange and wonderful, and your quirky sense of
humor have opened a lot of eyes and hearts. Thank you.
The capital city of Washington State grew up on the
mudflats where the Deschutes River meets the
southernmost tip of Puget Sound here in America’s
Pacific Northwest. Olympia is a small town with wide
borders. There’s a lot of history here, as well as
lots of fresh ideas that circulate in from the local
colleges and the technology rich climate of Western
Washington. We have vast rainforests, majestic
mountains, and rain...we have a whole lotta rain
here...rain is almost like our state bird
Here are highlights from some of the stories collected thus far:

In the 1920’s there was a man who busied himself by building an ark on the
mudflats just north of the port of Olympia. He was apparently inspired by some
book he’d read, and as his schedule didn’t allow for holding down a job in addition
to ark building, he was a man of meager means. The local children would bring him
canned fruit and other staples. TOPS is seeking any stories relating to this Ark
Man, including just what happened to him and his ark. We’ve found no records of
him shipping out, but it seems he somehow slipped away unseen.

– Sarah at OlyBlog tells us that this was Greenwood's Ark.
Thanks Sarah, and Stevenl!

In its early years a kind of shantytown developed on the vast Olympia mudflats.
This little community was constructed largely of scrap lumber and cardboard and
was considered an unsightly affront to the elaborate marble pillars of The Temple
of Justice being constructed on the overlooking hill. The Deshutes River was
dammed to create Capital Lake which essentially washed away the unsightly
shantytown. Who knows what happened to all those displaced people? On a cold
summer night, when the wind is just right, sometimes you can still smell the telltale
scent of "wet cardboard"
The modern Neo-Giants are plentiful in the Pacific
Northwest, and Washington state has more reported
sightings and evidence than anywhere else.
Sightings of large hair covered man-apes ranging in
height from 6 to 11 feet tall and footprints (averaging
15" to 18" long) have been reported as long as anyone's been here. The
indigenous people have several names for the creatures, but Sasquatch and
Bigfoot are the most widely recognized names now. Cryptozoologists (those
devoted to the study of fabled creatures not yet officially classified) debate just
what these elusive beings are, but popular theories have it that our Neo-Giants
may be closely related to Gigantopithecus, or Paranthropus. It’s interesting to
note that all of these prehistoric beings show a prominent sagittal crest on their
skulls, a feature indicating powerful crushing jaws common to gorillas and other
primates that have never been known in North America. It’s strange than that
several stone carvings of heads featuring the same sagittal crest have been
found along the Columbia River Basin dating from 1500 ad to 500 bc. This seems
an unlikely feature for a prehistoric craftsman to sculpt unless they knew about
the detail from some other source. Perhaps the sasquatch, or their close relatives
were better known then?
The Flying Saucer phenomena began in Washington
state on June 24, 1947 -well before the Roswell, New
Mexico incident of July 8, 1947. While flying his plane,
Kenneth Arnold sighted 9 strange, disk shaped objects
flying along the Cascade mountain range near Mount Rainier. He reported that
these objects flew in an undulating formation "like a saucer would if you skipped
it across the water" while weaving in and out of the surrounding mountain peaks.
Mr. Arnold estimated their speed at 1,400 miles per hour. When the papers
picked up the story, the term "flying saucer" was officially coined.
Occasionally the TOPS Team will investigate a site first hand. Here's a look at
our very first on-site investigation. You can read more about this site's activities
on the
TOPS Investigations Log
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