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I was asked to do a set of book covers for a Middle Earth card
game. Thrilled to be doing work to honor Tolkien's work, Upon
completing the covers I found that it was a fraudulent offer from a
fake company that had no legal right to produce the game and
that, contrary to what I had been told, was in fact not endorsed by
Tolkien's publishers and representatives. I immediately refunded
the money I was paid, and revoked my permission to use the
artwork for any other purposes. Here are the covers I worked so
hard to produce, they've now become fan art, and nothing more. I
did spend a lot of time and effort on them, and I would still like
people to be able to see them, hopefully the work will remind you
of the rich world Mr. Tolkien created so long ago. If you see my
work anywhere else it is used withou permission and was obtained
through fraud.
Only low resolution images shown here)