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I spend a great deal of time at a dialysis unit, and one of the things I used to do to pass the
time there was to write up and draw computer games. I really enjoyed seeing my creations
come to life on screen. These were fun little experiments for me, and the images I didn't draw
myself, and the music, came from free sources, but with the internet being what it is I really
can't vouch for where these "free" elements originated from. To the best of my knowledge
these were created to by used freely, and it is in that spirit that I offer my games freely to
others who might enjoy them under the condition that they not be sold or traded for any kind of
profit. Here are a few of these diversions:
Hauntquest was my very first computer game, created for a now
defunct Haunted Attraction as a cool free promo. It's a simple game,
but not without its challenges. The musical score was composed by M
Aaron Young B especially for this game!
Download HauntQuest - 3.8mb

Download HauntQuest
Stick Figure Heroes is my very favorite series of
games I've created. The first one is a fantasy story with
"wizerds" and werebeasts, "gobluns", and other things
you'd expect in such an environment. I like its simplistic
hand-drawn feeling. The funny thing is that the computer
coding is just as complex as any game with more detailed
graphics...but they're sooooo cute! - especially when
battlin' evil...

Download Stick Figure Heroes #1
STICK FIGURE HEROES #2 takes the action to the streets in
this urban adventure complete with deadly robot ninjas! You can play
Stick Figure Elvis Impersonator (?), Stick Figure Mexican Freedom
Fighter, or Stick Figure Punk Rock Girl!

DOWNLOAD Stick Figure Heroes #2
"SFH Shoota!" is the third Stick Figure Heroes game with a
different twist on the series. This game is a 1st Person Shooter which
means you get to take on your foes face to face! And don't worry, it's
got the same style of"music" as the other SFH Games!

The following games are eclectic odds and ends
BLOBQUEST was an early experiment. You play a misplaced Blob out to mindlessly eat
whoever you come across. dine on Zombies, a Serial Killer or two, White Supremists, etc.
and get points for cleaning up the world you're destroying!

GAUNTLET was a cool arcade game from 1985 and later a whole slew of home
computers (via cassette tape software). This game was reconstructed from fan created
(stolen) artwort and music put together as an experiment to see if I could get the coding
right. There's a secret way to play as me on the game, if you're into the idea of fighting
monsters as a blindguy who swings a mean white cane!

SAUCER MADNESS is the kind of game every novice programmer creates. The
appeal is that it's just so simply addictive!

DOWNLOAD Saucer Madness!
TOYBOX OF DOOM is a fun little 1st Person Shooter where you shoot your way
through a cemetery of wicked ghosts on your way to the Toy Factory that's been crankin'
out homicidal toys.

DOWNLOAD Toybox Of Doom!
GLIMPSES uses the computer game programming to present a kind of virtual portfolio of
my illustration work. You can flip through the pages to see a variety of my cartoons,
computer collage work, etc.

All content © J. Freels 2008, All Rights Reserved.
SFH Volume 1 is
available on CD,
along with other cool
Stick Figure stuff