Images from the BEAN Coloring Book!
Unicorn Rider by Isobel, and the Saurian Warrior
by her father, Sid. Nice work!
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I have a small
whiteboard that I
keep in the
living room for
purposes. The
other day it
grew a bean...
-Paul Haynie
Kid Nee The
-Paulie Ingrassia!
Olanda and Zorra
The Zesty
-Caitlin Holcomb
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This wonderful classic
sci-fi BEAN image was
created by my Friend,
M. E. Volmar.
Cajanus and Beanosaur,
figurines created by Sid
and Naomi Orpin!
Welcome to The Podre's on-line gallery to show off some of the great
drawings and figure sculptures produced by Bean fans around the world!
This Awesome Spacer Bean was
created by the majestic Simon
Lee Tranter for the 2013 UK
"Beer & Pretzels" Gaming event.
Simon did it again with his
"Long John Fava" Bean Pirate
figurine created especially for
the annual UK BEAN/Tunnels
& Trolls Gathering 2014!
I'm including the art of photography on the BEAN Art page here.  My good friend Sid hosts an
annual gaming get-together at his home in the UK.  He premiers his latest BEAN adventure for
the group and everyone has a great time.  Here are my friends from far away, The
TavernMaster Games crew and intrepid family members about to embark on the Pirate
themed adventure for The
Annual UK BEAN/Tunnels & Trolls Gathering 2014!  I love you